About Me

“As far as cinema language goes James has mastered this perfectly”

Stepan Hulík, Programme Coordinator, River Film Fest Pisek

James Sharpe is the London based writer / director originally hailing from the East Midlands known for his cinematic and thought provoking work. As a drama director James is known for the “silent” film NOTES, a touching and beautiful realisation of a familiar story. As a music video director James has directed videos for some of the indie worlds best loved artists, with videos playing on MTV UK, NME TV, and his work selected for the unsigned directors showcase at the Ciclope International advertising festival, shown at the Toronto International Film Festival and the South by Southwest online showcase.

As a television director James was asked to direct the sketches for series 6 of Russell Howard’s Good News (BBC 3 / Avalon) to visually revitalise the sketches and will be returning for series 7.

James aims to continue to direct challenging music videos, make the transition to commercials and direct further television drama and comedy with his sights firmly set on feature film direction.

James’ next short film will be the Creative England funded short FIBS, currently in pre-production due for festival release in 2013. 

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